Refugees and Newcomers: 

If you have recently arrived to Canada, either as a refugee (claimant or protected person) or a newcomer (through PR or work), the following BC organizations can provide assistance with transitioning into your local communities, and accessing necessary resources.

  • For assistance accessing health insurance and ongoing support for refugees and newcomers living in British Columbia: Settlement Orientation Services (
  • Programs offered to support Permanent Residents of Canada, and Convention Refugees, including specific programming for families, youth, womyn, seniors, LGBTQ, and TF workers (

LGBTQ Persons Outside of Canada:

If you are LGBTQ outside of Canada and fleeing persecution, the following organizations may be able to provide guidance or assistance in seeking safety.

  • Rainbow Refugee – Vancouver (
  • Rainbow Railroad – Toronto (
  • Capital Rainbow Refuge – Ottawa (

For LGBTQ Persons living in British Columbia

If you are an LGBTQ person living in British Colombia, the following agencies are dedicated to providing programming and care to the queer community of British Columbia.

  • Trans Care BC (
  • Qmunity (
  • Mosaic I Belong (LGBTQ refugees and newcomers)
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